Custom Razor Refinish Charges (Also Gift Certificates)


Image of Custom Razor Refinish Charges (Also Gift Certificates)

This section is for gift certificates or custom work discussed in email, forums, or contact us form. It's just a menu of prices. If there isn't an exact match just add two different amounts. ($70 - Add $10 and $60 items)

Select the matching amount and during checkout feel free to add any additional notes. For instance if coming from a forum, make sure I know to match it up with your forum handle. :)

If purchasing a gift certificate, please add Gift Certificate to the Notes section and use coupon code giftcert during checkout. That will remove the shipping cost from the order. I'll then return a gift certificate coupon code to the email on the order.

These charges should only be used for payment of gift certificates or services that have been previously discussed. Please place in the "Notes" section where the discussion took place if needed so that I can link it to the order. Ship your razor via Post to:

Delta Echo Razor Works
PO Box 404
Duvall, WA 98019

We always recommend that you add tracking to your shipment.

You may always send comments, color selections, or other questions to