Gillette Red Tip - "Generalissimus" Special Edition

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Image of Gillette Red Tip - "Generalissimus" Special Edition

This will be a fully refurbished Gillette Red Tip.

The red tip is perhaps the most legendary of all the Super Speed razors. Across the board the Super Speed line provided excellent shaves. For those seeking a more aggressive shave, the red tip was introduced. Now you can own a Red Tip with all the benefits of a coated razor.

This idea came from a combination of a custom razor for another customer and my desire to create a razor themed against one of my favorite rifles, the AK-47.

Generalissimus was a rank created for Joseph Stalin after WWII - Although it is appears he refused to sign the rank into law declaring that Marshal was the highest rank in the Soviet military. Given the age and period of these razors, it seemed a fitting reference point.

The colors used here Olive, Brass, and Red give a militaria feel to the razor, reflecting a period of history and events aligned to its age.

The coating has been heat cured to provide a long lasting, super hard finish. In addition, cleanup of these razors is super easy, soap and other materials will literally slide off with just a rinse.

This razor is now ready for an entirely new generation of shavers and probably the next.


Image of Gillette Red Tip - "Generalissimus" Special Edition