Rockwell Razor Refinish


Image of Rockwell Razor Refinish

Refinish of your Rockwell razor set.

Price includes the handle, cap, and three base plates.

If you'd like to do the razor, base plates, and stand, that option is available in the drop-down.

How the Process Works:

You ship your razor to us...

Clean your razor.
Prep and coat your razor.
Quality check and polish it.

Your razor is shipped back to you with a whole new look.

When ordering a restore, please feel free to place any color choices in the "Notes" section of the order.

Ship your razor via Post to:

Delta Echo Razor Works
PO Box 404
Duvall, WA 98019

We always recommend that you add tracking to your shipment. It is also recommended that additional protection be added vs. just dropping a bare razor in a bubble mailer.

You may always send comments, color selections, or other questions to

If color information is not received, we will contact you before refinishing to obtain it.


Image of Rockwell Razor Refinish Image of Rockwell Razor Refinish